Release of the acquisition of Banmark Oy Ab and Orat Oy

Orat Oy and Banmark Oy Ab have finalized the merge process. Agreement has been signed on 26th November. This merge is part of the Banmark’s growing strategy and strengthening Banmark’s position in the market. This merge makes possible Orat Oy’s business and sales development faster. Together Orat and Banmark are stronger player in the market. Orat Oy continues as an independent company with well-known professional staff.

Banmark Oy Ab is 48 years old family company and part of the Transmeri Group. Banmark is a supplier for many different industries like food, energy and forest. Banmark’s turnover is around 40 M€ and have 70 employees.

We feel strongly that Orat Oy professional people combine with Banmark knowledge and people can make positive business development possible. Banmark’s aim is to create food industry business as remarkable leg for the company activities.

We guarantee that our customers stay satisfied and don’t feel stressed with this merge. We do everything that you feel the same.